A good read for a good night

We all know reading is a great pastime but even with that knowledge, it’s been said that nearly a quarter of all Americans don’t read a single book within a given year.

And that means they’re not reaping the health benefits reading can provide. Especially before bedtime.

Today, try reading before you go to sleep.

You can start small, it’s okay. If you don’t have a book on hand, try a newspaper or magazine – but just make sure it’s not on your phone.

Reading on your phone in bed can alter your body’s natural melatonin by mimicking daylight – meaning your brain will think it’s time to stay up.

In contrast, reading will help you get to sleep faster and even reduce stresses of the day – helping you clear your mind and getting your body ready to snooze.

Source: The Surprising Benefits of Reading Before Bed

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