Be kind to yourself

Today, be kind to yourself in any way possible.

You probably already know that negative thoughts breed negative energy which then breeds negative physical health – but you might not so easily realize that you are a contributing factor.

As people, we’re very quick to put the blame on our bosses or our heavy workload or the kids’ busy schedules but what about what we are saying to ourselves in between the hecticness?

We may be unintentionally adding to our negative feelings.

So, today, do something you normally wouldn’t. Treat yourself to something special. Take a long way home to listen to some of your favorite music alone. Or try out some self-compassion exercises that push you to kindly consider how you’re feeling.

Your own needs and wants.

Remember, it’s not up to others to look out for your well-being. They already need to look out for their own. Fulfilling your own needs is up to you. Being kind to yourself will ultimately benefit everyone in your life and is just as important as taking care of your loved ones.

You should be loving yourself just as much.

Source: Being kind to yourself has mental and physical benefits

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