Compliment three people

Have you ever seen someone online and admired something about their demeanor but were too afraid to say anything? Maybe you were talking to someone and they said something really inspiring but because of business etiquette, you felt like you weren’t supposed to acknowledge it?

Well today, throw fear out the window and say the compliments that are already on your mind. Make an effort to compliment three people – friends, family, coworkers or strangers. No one is off limits! Send them a surprise text, direct message, or give them a quick call to let them know.

Oftentimes, we critique ourselves and want to vent about the negative things happening in our lives or in the world but for just a few minutes, put it all aside and remember that we’re all dealing with the same human struggles at the end of the day

Bringing positivity into our lives and the lives of others can spread the kind of energy we all need so much right now.

Research even suggests that receiving compliments can enhance happiness, social interactions, and our ability to learn and engage with tasks.

So, don’t keep the good things inside. Today, share them with the world!

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