Curb your negative thinking

You don’t have to be feeling sick to be feeling down. Oftentimes, we do it to ourselves. Our brains are wired to hold onto negative or traumatic events far longer than the positive ones. That’s why a bad job interview can stay on our minds for years after the moment is gone.

Today, challenge yourself to curb your negative thinking. Don’t think about the worst outcome. Don’t tell yourself that people are thinking bad things about you. When a negative thought arises, replace it with a positive alternative.

Remember, energy spreads. Sharing negative thoughts consistently with friends can make them feel negative about their own social or professional lives, too.

Start out small today and stay conscious of what you’re telling yourself – and your friends – through social media or texts. Sometimes we use these outlets similar to a journal, to vent and express our frustrations, without a second thought. But the truth is – we can also use them as vessels for positivity.

Here, we’ll start for you:

Today’s going to be a fantastic day!

Source: 7 Ways to Deal with Negative Thoughts

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