Discover new music

Whether it was Britney Spears or Beethoven – someone was topping the charts when you were a kid. As humans, we tend to hang on to those connections well into adulthood. The nostalgia makes us feel good.

But since then, millions of songs have been sung about love and heartbreak and all the moments in between. And they are asking to be heard!

Today, challenge yourself to shake up your playlist. Check out Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ lists or ask a friend to make you a mix (digitally or otherwise!) of their favorite songs. Even if you start with one new song or exploring one new artist you’ve been meaning to check out, it can make a difference in your day!

Studies have shown that music has real and lasting benefits. Listening to music reduces blood pressure, causing the release of dopamine and even improving muscle functions. It’s been proven to help emotional and behavior growth, as well.

Source: Music and Health

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