Find new routes to your dreams

Today, consider how you’re trying to reach your goals in life.

Are you writing them down? Mapping them out? Leaving them quietly hidden in the back of your mind?

Studies have shown that setting goals is linked with self-confidence, motivation, and autonomy. Goal-setters are also more likely to be comfortable with risk, prefer innovation, and are energized by change.

So, clearly it’s important to be goal-oriented but try to take it one step further and ensure that you’re setting your goals in a way that will get you somewhere and are a fit for your lifestyle.

Today, start researching different styles of goal setting.

Some tips to get started:

  • Make sure you’re breaking big goals into smaller ones so they won’t feel so daunting.
  • Reward yourself when you hit one of the marks within your goal plan.
  • Monitor your progress by setting up daily or weekly reminders, or ask a friend to check in on how you’re doing.
  • Use visual reminders, ex. a photo of your dream vacation destination or the sign-up form for a 5K race.

Source: Goal-Setting is Linked to Higher Achievement

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