Honesty is the best policy

Sometimes people need to hear the truth. It’s true.

Whether it’s saying no to an obligation, telling someone how they really make you feel, or sharing honest advice with a friend for their own good, it’s time to get it off your chest.

The easiest place to start is by being honest with the word, “no”. Most studies on this topic revolve around the physical response our bodies can have when we use the word “no” to tell others about our own limitations.

To maintain our own health and manage our stress, it’s critical to be honest. Even if we feel like it might affect someone else.

Today, challenge yourself to be very honest about one thing or facilitate the word ‘no’ in your life for something you just can’t accommodate.

There are kind ways to say this. Just like any other tough love or truth you are trying to put into the universe, it does not have to be a bad thing.

Saying tough words is certainly difficult but it’s to protect ourselves and those we love.

So, today start thinking about the best place to utilize this approach in your own life.

Source: Learn to say “no”

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