Make a plan

Every purposeful life change starts with a plan, whether you realize it or not. It starts with some semblance of an idea and action towards achieving that idea.

Structuring that plan and building pathways towards seeing that plan through, makes it a lot easier. Even if you need to do some work upfront to get there.

Today, think of one thing you want to create a plan for. Just to test it out.

Is it something small? Something big? Something you’ve been thinking about for a while but it seems too daunting to even begin?

That’s totally okay!

The whole purpose of the plan is to break it into manageable chunks and eliminate roadblocks.

An example of a life plan is mapping out how you’ll work in a new field. Though it might take some work, the first steps could be making connections, building your experience in that field in your off-hours, and taking some courses to learn more about what you’d like to do.

But for today, just think of what you’d like the plan to be about.

Big things always start small.

Source: 7 Steps for Making a Life Plan

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