Make a small move forward

One of the biggest misconceptions in life is that we should go big, all the time. The truth is, it’s not always best to live big. When it comes to taking action and making progress, starting small is key.

Starting small with a particular focus requires less time and energy at the get-go and prevents complete burnout before you’ve even had time to make progress.

Today, focus solely on one thing you can control to make your life a little better.

Remember, this is all about improvement and making things around you easier and happier. If we’re quick to think about all the things we want to improve – remodel the entire kitchen, clean out the basement, get a new job, etc. – we’ll likely get nothing done.

Spending our time focusing on one small task – like merely bringing one box up from the basement to look through – makes it seem much more manageable.

So, today. Do your version of bringing one small box up from the basement to organize.

It might be a small start to a big change.

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