Read your food

How many times have you grabbed a bag of chips or thrown a bag of candy in your cart at the store without reading anything on the label?

Even worse, how many times have you made dinner or heated up a frozen meal and maybe glanced at the instructions or the calories but never at the ingredients?

It’s not just you. Most of us don’t look at ingredients, even if we’re checking the nutritional facts.

Today, challenge yourself to read the ingredients list on your food. Start by checking one food package during dinner or snacking tonight.

Can you even pronounce most of the things you’re putting into your body?

The American Heart Association recommends not only reading the nutritional facts and ingredients lists on your food, but also learning what they mean. Some ingredients go by different names (there are lots of names for “sugar” and “sodium”, for instance) and there’s always a reason why an ingredient is numerically ordered in the list.

Learning what’s in your food can help you make healthier choices – not just for weight loss but for your overall well-being.

Here’s a link to help you get started.

Source: Are Food Labels Effective as a Means of Health Prevention?

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