Say hello to an old friend

No one knows you like an old friend. You share history, secrets, celebratory moments, and everything in between.

But as we age, families and jobs can create a distance between us and our old friends.

Today, change that. You’re probably already thinking of someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to – and you should do just that. Nowadays, there’s more than ever to distract us but there’s also more ways than ever to keep in touch if we really want to.

Don’t burden yourself or feel any further obligations other than simply saying hello and acknowledging someone who used to mean a lot. And probably still does. Use social media, text message, or best of all – a real phone call – to make a small effort with a special person.

You’ll be doing something good for yourself, too. Studies show close social relationships positively impact our mental and physical health.

So, grab a device and say hello.

Source: The Joy (and Benefits) of Renewing Old Friendships

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