Shop outside the box

Have you ever noticed that the cereal, potato chips and candy are in the middle of the grocery store?

What’s very interesting is that there is a science to the way grocery stores are designed.

We spend most of our time perusing the center aisles when it’s the perimeter of the store that we should be looking at.

Think about it: the produce section, the deli department, dairy, seafood, etc. – all of the fresh foods – are located around the outskirts of the non-perishable items. The cereal that stays good for three years is in aisle five, while the fish that will be properly digested by our bodies is all the way in the way back of the store.

That’s because the center aisle foods are full of preservatives that are keeping the food “fresh” and fully stocked. But maintaining a healthy diet means watching what we’re shopping for and restricting preservatives that are difficult for our bodies to process.

This week, take a ride over to the grocery store. Whether you need a full shopping order or not. Take a look and see if you can spot this.

And the next time you go food shopping for your family, make sure you’re choosing most of your dinner items from the perimeter – where you can find real foods that really digest in your body!

Source: Grocery store tour: Shopping the perimeter

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