Spring into cleaning

Believe it or not, a tidy house can have a lot more benefits than a lack of tripping hazards.

Keeping your house clean has been linked to de-stressing your mind, increasing productivity, providing more social confidence and even getting more physical exercise.

This is likely because a clean home is a mood booster. It can make us feel accomplished, organized and more ready to face the day. Plus, there’s a lot less in-fighting among families when everyone is doing their part to take care of the space they share.

This week, kick your spring cleaning into gear. Even if it’s not spring.

Really, any time is a good time to start getting more organized.

And if your space needs a lot of help – don’t feel overwhelmed. There is no obligation to get everything done in one day.

It’s only important that you’re doing what you can to feel comfortable and proud of your home.

Source: 6 Mental Health Benefits of a Clean House

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