Take a breather

You’ve heard the term “fight or flight” before but have you thought about the real repercussions of it in your daily life?

While the fight or flight response should normally happen in moments of real danger, it tends to pop up in our lives as a response to money troubles, traffic jams, job worries, or relationship problems. This can cause health problems and of course, anxiety and stress.

Today, escape this just by breathing.

Deep breathing can feel unnatural because it’s something we don’t actually do too often. It encourages full oxygen to come into your body, slowing a hectic heartbeat and stabilizing our blood pressure.

Today, find a comfortable place to sit down and take a real breather.

How to breathe deeply:

Breathe in slowly through your nose.
Allow your chest and lower belly to rise as you fill your lungs.
Let your abdomen fully expand.
Then, breathe out slowly through your mouth.

Source: Proper Breathing Brings Better Health

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