Try a new potato dish

Find a person who doesn’t like potatoes. No one? Exactly.

Potatoes are a very common – and very filling – side to most meals.

That said, the method in which they’re prepared largely determines how healthy they are.

For starters, French fries actually contain about three times the calories of a single baked potato – yet they both come from the same vegetable!

Today, try a new preparation of potatoes.

Replace French fries with baked or boiled potatoes – or even sweet potatoes – to shave off calories and avoid harmful additives that can be found in fried cooking. And sub in a little olive oil for butter or cream.

This is one very simple way to continue enjoying your favorite foods but figuring out a healthy alternative. And potatoes are just the beginning. You can find a healthy alternative to pretty much any food you already love.

Enjoy the potatoes!

Source: Potatoes are actually a healthy food — without butter and other fixings

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