Write it out

Today, get it out by writing it out.

Think of every great song you’ve heard or every great book you’ve read. They all started with someone writing down their feelings.

Maybe you’re going through a bump in the road or have a rocky relationship, or maybe you’re just angry about receiving the wrong breakfast order this morning.

For any reason and for any emotion, today is the perfect day to start writing.

You can write a full letter to someone who’s hurt you and not send it. Or, you can use the notes section of your smartphone to jot down some things you want to say or how you’re feeling about any situation that might be affecting you right now.

Keeping a place on your phone or in a notepad to write down your feelings – even if it’s just phrases or words – can release them from your mind and make you feel better than you expected.

Sometimes the resolution you’re looking for can come from inside of you.

Source: Writing about emotions may ease stress and trauma

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